The most advanced system to prevent title claims, theft and mortgage fraud in your business.

Improve your process and protect your profits.

An integration of technology and services, AgencySecure® is an innovative product that enables you to better manage your process to reduce potential claims resulting from poor - quality search work and helps prevent escrow theft and mortgage fraud.

AgencySecure provides online access for all title agency technology and services to help you efficiently process closings, issue title policies as well as electronically report, pay and store the closed-file documents.


  • Property validation at time of order
  • USA Patriot Act search
  • Duplicate file notification
  • Flip transaction alerts
  • Positive Pay
  • Daily three-way bank reconciliation
  • Suspicious disbursement activity alerts
  • Electronic file storage
  • Stewart-managed title searching with online ordering and electronic import
  • GFE rate quote calculator
  • AIM+, SureClose, On Trac and GFExpressQuote technology
  • Microsoft® Office products (Word, Excel)
  • Email hosting
  • Five-page basic website


  • Reduce title claims
  • Reduce escrow losses (employee theft, check fraud)
  • Reduce IT and software costs
  • Reduce time spent on escrow reconciliations
  • Simplify the underwriter auditing process
  • Create a paperless environment

Green Statement

We understand the importance of moving to green, and we're working toward that goal every day. And in the process of moving the real estate transaction process to green through technology, we hope to lead the way for our entire industry.