Simplify your title and escrow production no matter how complicated the market.

Keep your workflow flowing smoothly.

Improve customer satisfaction, reduce turntime and simplify your day-to-day activities using AIM+®. AIM+ is a title and escrow production system designed to efficiently execute real estate transactions for residential and commercial properties. AIM+ accelerates your workflow by improving order entry, document preparation, file tracking and management to enhance the real estate process, creating a magnificent customer experience. 

  • Granular security
  • Property address validation and USA PATRIOT Act search included at no extra charge
  • Contact/contact role management
  • Buyers and sellers signatory information customization
  • Customer-friendly title and escrow document creation
  • Immediate document previews
  • Underwriter, state-specific and custom documents
  • Linked Commitment (linking of backup documentation to the title commitment)
  • Easy-to-navigate HUD interface screens
  • Ability to create additional blank HUD lines for transaction details
  • National pricing program access for title premiums, closing costs, recording fees, prorations and transfer tax information
  • Visual closing statement data entry for commercial and non-HUD transactions
  • Full escrow accounting including three-way bank reconciliation
  • Paperless policy transmission to the underwriter
  • Electronic 1099-S reporting
  • Online search and services ordering
  • Available online, 24/7 through TitleWorkPlace
  • Transaction management integration available via SureClose
  • Integration with GFExpressQuote rate quote calculator for lenders
  • Streamline business processes
  • Reduce key strokes and data entry
  • Save time with integrated applications
  • Improve ability to service customers with Linked Commitment
  • Improve lender business opportunities with GFExpressQuote rate quote calculator integration