Provide your constituents with an easier way to search records.

Digitizing your documents and using SimpleSearch provides you with secure, preserved records that are easily searchable.

SimpleSearch is a web-based application that allows users to easily locate documents using digital images of a county’s index books. This makes it easier for constituents to access records while simultaneously protecting original documents from the regular wear and tear of everyday use. 

  • Supports multiple date ranges of index books by document type
  • Supports Alpha-based lookup systems such as Hall & McChesney and key letter lookup systems such as Russell Index (single and multiple key)
  • Generates web pages dynamically as new information is added to the system
  • Enables notes and corrections to be added at the index page level to handle exceptions
  • Stores information in MySQL database
  • Supports TIFF format images
  • Populates dropdown lists for searches automatically as new index information is added
  • Enables you to start out with an index lookup using images of the county’s index books
  • Allows you to add the ability to retrieve electronic copies of the actual documents
  • Use images of index books to create full document level index information with an upgrade to CountyFusion®
  • Reduce resources needed to help the public look up records
  • Lower your costs versus full document level indexing for older, low activity records
  • Increased protection of the county’s index books
  • Improved ability to function quickly after natural disasters