Linked Commitment

Easily access all supporting documentation in one electronic title commitment.

Keep your clients happy and transactions moving with Linked Commitments.

Linked Commitment™ is an electronic title commitment file provided as a PDF that contains hyperlinks to images of all supporting documents. It simplifies your process and saves you time by placing the exception documents in the title commitment itself. No login is required. The document is emailed with everything contained in the one PDF. Images of the supporting documentation are accessed by clicking on the hyperlinks contained within the file – eliminating the need to dig through a mound of title commitment support paperwork to review exception documentation.


  • Electronic version of the title commitment with embedded hyperlinks of supporting documents contained in one file – making the commitment easier to understand
  • All of the documents found in the title search (e.g., deeds, notes, paving assessments, liens, wills, divorce settlements, surveys) are connected via hyperlink to a PDF file inside the title commitment
  • Commitment can be emailed directly from AIM
  • Commitment can be uploaded to SureClose


  • Offer a better level of service to clients
  • Reduce paper, printing and mailing costs to lenders, attorneys and other parties
  • Separate your agency from the marketplace
  • Provides further security and confidence to clients that commitments are accurate and reliable
  • Market differentiator
  • Supports the green initiative

Green Statement

We understand the importance of moving to green, and we're working toward that goal every day. And in the process of moving the real estate transaction process to green through technology, we hope to lead the way for our entire industry.